Every day we are getting an attachment to Information Technology.We make hardware and set software with providing services.And maintain all these options by supporting data, voice, and videos.A world network works with a unity for all the human connectivity.Expanding all the sector including business and technology.For any kind of business or organization, company they need a total information with their firm introduction to the visitors and people.So usually it is required to make a WEBSITE for multiple data and information. That’s why we need to know What is Theme and Website?

A Website is a creation of web with many pages i.e. which is accessible to the internet.A website is made of any kind of sound, graphics, data, color, animation, text, images and many more.For access to a website needs to put the domain name into the browser through the internet.

What is Theme and Website

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Now, just like to make understand a short word, the difference between web design and web development.Web design like to mean the part of front-end side which can say the visual view of the scatch and layout with the design.On the other hand, web development has it’s both front-end and back-end development.For the design part developer build codes for creating design view and the back-end build advance programming and interaction connecting database on a web page.

Template and Theme are the most visual helping using website creation.A layout form is made for design template.When thinking about looks and style and dynamic action when it comes to understanding about Theme.In a Theme, it includes various things i.e. font types and sizes, color schemes, layout, plug-in and many more customizable opportunities and features as a well.HTML template or CMS theme are available having a choice from anyone once like.

An International market display on the internet making a website to sell many Theme and Template.Anyone can get or buy Theme from the online market.If one like to buy a theme from the market no need to worry about the product how would be it.Total description of a template or theme has been described on that site properly.So User can easily get information and description of the product.A preview and demo option are set for watching the product.What about the coding standard, style, item uses and everything has been shown of individual item of a Theme.Not only Theme but also plug-in, graphics design, photography and many more category can get from the website related online market.

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